Sherø presskit

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3 x Pioneer

CDJ 2000 NXS 2 or XDJ 3000


Dj mixer with effects

1- 2 Ventilators nearby for fresh air

2 adjustable monitors in dj booth


12.04.2024 Sherø - You N' I, a 5-track EP, will be released on KlubKid Records, with 3 separate releases in January, February, and March.


Short bio

Originally from Antwerp, based in Berlin, Sherø brings a flavor of 90’s house, rave, jackin', breakbeats, acid, Detroit, Chicago house, and new beat nostalgia back to the surface with an often sensual, energetic melancholic soulful twist. With a back catalog of 30 years of djing, she’s also the proud mom of the queer record label KlubKid Records and held a 6 year residency at Brenn. Berlin until September 2023. She's one of Berlin's quintessential dj´s with regular gigs at parties and clubs like Berghain/Panoramabar, Gegen, Horse Meat Disco, Renate, Else, Tresor, Watergate, Homodrop, Aeden, Aeve, Fitzroy, Kake, Cocktail d’Amore, Fiese Remise, RSO, Golosa, Sweat,... and has played at festivals like Garbicz, Whole, Pukkelpop, 10 days OFF, From Disco to Disco, Full Circle Queerport,…

With her music productions, she aims to touch your mind, your body, and your soul with a deep dive into old skool house, rave, new beat and breakbeat on an often sexy and funky backgroove.

Longer bio

After more than 30 years of spinning and producing under pseudonyms Stephanie, D’Stephanie, and later on D’Steph, with releases on renowned labels such as Sonar Kollektiv, Chez, Jalapeno, Hed Kandi, PUMA… a change was necessary to break down old habits and reinvent oneself. This resulted in a short move to London in the summer of 2015 and a more consistent one to Berlin 2 months later. It's In Berlin where she revived her passion for real underground house music in its most honest way and resuscitated her inner nineties kid that just discovered house by bringing back the essence of house music without genre limitations… The kind of house music that was about your mind, your body, and your soul. The ultimate seduction for rebels, artists, anarchists, people of all nations, colors, genders, sexualities, and most of all an open-minded, non-commercialized or marketed community. To put this feeling into action, a new pseudonym was inevitable and Sherø was born.

Eversince Sherø became a regular at Berlin´s best party scene with a residency at Brenn. (till September 2023) and sets at Panoramabar, Hor, Buttons, Gegen, Cocktail d’Amore, RSO, Horse meat disco, Watergate, Else, Fiese Remise, KAKE, Renate, Golosa, Whole festival, Garbicz festival…

Around 2018 an old childhood dream resurfaced and resulted in a few years of brainstorming and preparations to start her own record label. In 2020, right at the start of the pandemic she launched her own imprint KlubKid Records, a queer record label with a cute small roster of quality artists from the electronic music scene from Berlin to Amsterdam to Athens to Cape Town: Karma She, JNM The Naked MC, Electrosexual, Sherø, Joy Wellboy, Haute Dance, Pepper Levain, CHERIII, Dornika and Kabeel Matta.

What has she been up to in the past?

It's been quite a ride for Stephanie. In 1990, at the tender age of 15 years old she started her own radio show at Radio Centraal, a local radio station frequented by some of the early stars of fashion and art students. She was one of the first djs in the radio landscape to mix electronic music as in a dj set without talking in between the tracks. She invited some of the best djs from Belgium and at the end of the 7 years she invited Paul Ward from New beat legend Liaison D to cohost the show for about a year. The show “Tunes from the Missing channel” was quite popular so Stephanie moved on quickly to the playgrounds of some of the best clubs in Belgium. From 1993 thru 2005, Stephanie held various well-respected club residencies, serving a mix of house, deep house, dub and Detroit Techno, and other new electronic music genres.

1993 - 1999: At the renowned Café d’Anvers she was the resident at the monthly Gap Club with Mark Broom and Dave Angel as regular guests besides label nights from Ninja Tune, Mo Wax, Clear,… After the monthly nights turned into every Friday nights they called it Positive Educations, and later on in 1994 Stephanie took over and hosted /booked dj’s for her own Nu Skool Friday nights, where she invited djs like The Glimmer Twins, Patrick Pulsing, A guy Called Gerald, Jim Masters,… Meanwhile, Antwerp crowds also witnessed her do her thing at Excursions in Dance on Saturday Nights by 5Voor12, known from 10 days off…while on Thursdays she rocked Brussels' very hi-tech Cybertheatre. She also played all over Belgium, from H20 to Fuse to Silo, to I love techno, 10 days off festival, Decadence, Kozmozz, Lokerse feesten, and the list goes on and on.

Besides her busy schedule in Belgium she also frequently played at underground warehouse raves in London and AKA, a smaller club owned by the END.

Come 1999, Stephanie was one of the quintessential factors that made Fill Collins club the hippest in Antwerp and beyond. The club hosted by Peter Decuypere, the founder of Fuse and I love Techno, where the French discohouse vinyls mixed with breakbeats, techno, house, disco and a blend of uk garage, drum n bass blew up the club. Two years later, the club became a bit too commercial to her taste so she quit and moved on to Club Geluk for another 3-year residency at Antwerp’s newest hotspot. In this period she got signed at Holland’s Barkers bookings agency, had a residency at Chemistry in Amsterdam, while frequently playing Now & Wow in Rotterdam and some of the cutest clubs in Holland. On top of all that, for 4 years, she blessed one of the biggest male lifestyle magazines Ché with often controversial record reviews.

After 2005 the club scene in Belgium changed into a more pop up party orientated nightlife so she decided to break free from club residencies and focus on one-off gigs and touring with vocalists who featured on her own productions on labels such as Sonar Kollektiv (Berlin), Jalapeno Records (London), Chez (New York), Hed Kandi (UK), Puma (USA), Black Vinyl (London), Broadcite (London), Wally’s groove world (Antwerp) and many more.

Throughout 2011 Stephanie featured vocalists from around the globe: Wunmi (New York/London), Angelique Brown (Detroit), JNM (Amsterdam), Philippo & Melissa (Antwerp).

From 2012 until the present day, Stephanie went back to basics and started playing solo again as an underground house dj.

Rock the spot:


Berghain Panoramabar, Tresor, Lunchbox Candy, Gegen, Brenn., Buttons, Cocktail d’Amore, Golosa, Else, Renate, Suicide club, Horse meat disco, Queerport festival, Farbfernseher, Watergate, Mensch Meier, Birgit und bier, Sage, Kitkat, About Blank, RSO, Sounds, Transmission festival, Kake, Fiese Remiese, Whole Festival, Schwuz, Lusatia festival, SWEAT, Slime, WET, Krista Kupfner, ziegrastrasse, Trashera,…


Warm at the Medicine bar (London), Mood-lounge (Karlsruhe), AKA (The End London), Lopsided at Rubylo (London), Babushka (London), Unknown FM (London), La Maison (Rome), Akab (Rome), Brumana (Latina), Ex ess (Naples), Shagadelic (Amsterdam film studios), Spybar (the Gambia) Club Japan (Barcelona), Club BED (New York), Club Hefner (Barcelona), Bar Benidorm (Barcelona), What’s up (Paris), Chemistry (Amsterdam), Now & Wow (Rotterdam), Kwaku Festival (Amsterdam), Gay pride (Amsterdam), Paradiso (Amsterdam), Club eenheid (Nijmegen), 042 (Nijmegen), London Calling (London), Corsica Studios (London), Heineken Dance Parade (Rotterdam), Stalker (Haarlem), Girlesque (Amsterdam), 3FM (Amsterdam), House FM (London), Broadcite parties (London), Coalesce (London)..


Café d’Anvers, Fuse, Decadence, Kissinger, Antwerp fashion academy parties, I love techno, Ten days off, Pukkelpop, Botox, Stockholm S, Izzy Maze, Piaf, Petrol, Stubru, FM Brussels, VZW Emma, Lokerse feesten, Couleur café, Surplus, Komilfoo, Club Midi, Pacific, Central Station Antwerp, Syndrome, Vooruit, Club Io, café Capital, Club Bardot, Cybertheatre, Cruises to pleasure, Who’s who’s land, Magasin 4, Cirque d’Anvers, le bozo, Le Sud, Storm, Tour de l’est, Ockxfest, Café au lait Street party, Club geluk, Muhka, Launch, Fuzz Club, Culture club, Club Pure, Tijuana, Red & Blue, Fill Collins club, Montuno’s, Kaaiman, Stereo sushi, Le tavernier, Milk club, Darkawa, Alter Ego festival, Foolhouse, Club Natural, Youthopia, Clubbing on Ice, Musiccafé Leuven Silo, Mirano, Culture club, Zappa, Girlesque, Cactus Club, H20, Leuven Expo, Ghent Expo, Kozzmozz, House Torhout, Never Say Never, Rumba, Laundry DAy, Virgin Megastore opening, Raf Simons party, Funky City, L’emotion, Bankwok, Stuurboord, Antwerp is burning, From disco to disco, yellow fever, Bar midi, Het Kanaal,…

Stop the press:

Kaltblut magazine, DJ magazine (Uk), Jockey Slut (UK), Echoes (UK), ID magazine (UK), Blues & Soul (UK), IDJ magazine (UK), High Rollers (NL), ID&T Slam magazine (NL), Channel 4 (UK), The Paris Stuttgart (FR), Nieuwe Revue (NL), Street Sounds (USA), Paris Match (FR), Stubru, Radio 21, De Morgen Het laatste Nieuws, Humo, Standaard, FM Brussels, Urgent FM, Weekend Knack, Out Soon, TMF, Jim TV, VRT, Canvas, Radio Campus, Teek, Flair, GVA, Multipop, ATV, TV Brussels, MCM, Plastiks, Move X, Ché, Radio Donna, Fun Radio, Groovy, 6 AM,…

@ Enjoyed playing before and after:

Axel Boman, Kim Ann Foxman, Mike Starr, Nina Kraviz, Jocelyn Brown, Daft Punk, Carl Craig, Jazzanova, Felix da housecat, Mateo & Matos, Darren Emmerson, Tom Middleton, Bob Sinclar, Dj Food, Faze action, Kenny Dope, Idjut Boys, A guy called Gerald, LTJ Bukem, Aqua Bassino, King Britt, Norma Jean Bell, Jesse Saunderson, Kevin Saunderson, Derrick May, Farley Jackmaster Funk, Howie B, Adam F, Slam, Dave Angel, Wax Doctor, Stacey Pullen, Ballistic brothers, Dj Disciple, Kenny Hawkes, Gilb’r, Dr. Rockit, Glimmer twins, Patrick Pulsinger, Green velvet, Gemini, Orlando Voorn, Bandulu, James Lavelle, Mark Broom, Kenny Larkin, Coldcut, James Lavelle, Truby Trio, Dimitri From Paris, Dream team, Daz-I-Kue, Ninja Tune DJ’s, Renaat (R&S), Ken Ishi, Blake Baxter, Squarepusher, Ballistic Brothers, Dimitri, Autechre, Jim Masters, Xpress 2,…